Daniel McAlister

Daniel was an abused kid from the U.S. who turned to the streets to get away from it all.  Eventually, his record caught up to him and it was join the Marines or go to jail.  He chose the former.

He found himself in war, participating in Desert Storm and Desert Shield.  Casualties were few, but he lost at least one good friend.

After his stint was over, he found himself a civilian again with few skills to earn him any money.  He was about to get on a plane to go home when he caught the eye of a jet-setting, young woman.  Deciding that he really didn't have a "home," for all intents and purposes, he traveled with her on her dime until they ended up at her home in Israel. 

His girlfriend had lost interest in him by that time, but didn't want him to go empty-handed.  A friend of hers was vice-president of an elite bodyguard school and she was able to get him enrolled for next to nothing.  After graduating, he worked in Israel, England, Dubai, and the United States for several years.  He had successfully defended a client during what looked like an attempt on their life, though Daniel had a feeling that it was more than just that.  His investigation led him to a crew's safe-house.  They were surprised that he'd been able to find them and decided to drop the con that they'd been running and instead take him into their fold, since their run on their mark was all but lost.  If you can't beat them, let them join you, as the saying kind of goes.  Fast forward ten years and he was leading his crew and getting rich in the process.

During a job in Hong Kong, his entire team was killed.  He walked away injured and otherwise broken and faded into obscurity for another several years.

Then he heard about the Leverage International movement and decided that it was time to turn his life around and maybe make some other lives better in the process.  He put his feelers out to former associates and the rest is history.

Attributes     Roles  
Agility     Grifter d8
Alertness     Hacker d6
Intelligence     Hitter (bodyguard) d10
Strength     Mastermind d10
Vitality     Thief d6
Dark Secret, Intimidating, Work Hard & Play Hard




Signature Assets


Daniel McAlister

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