Joining the Campaign

Thank you for your interest in Leverage International!

I'll go right to the "things to know" and requirements:

  • I'm recruiting players to play at the Board Game Barrister, Towne Center.  Game day is preferably Sunday from 2pm – 6pm.
  • We will be playing using the Leverage RPG, Cortex Plus rules.  No experience required. Best case scenario, I'm hoping for a full crew of five – Mastermind, Hitter, Hacker, Thief, and Grifter.  The game will start off with an NPC Mastermind running the show, then handing things off at a later date.
  • Familiarity with the Leverage TV show (available on Hulu and Netflix) is nice, but not required.
  • New to role-playing games?  We will teach!
  • Required: Friendly, creative players that are willing to work with others to create a great RPG experience for all.  One of your jobs as a player is to make opportunities for all PCs to show their stuff and be awesome!
  • Required: Use of Obsidian Portal.  All players will need to join the campaign via this site.  We will make good use of the calendar, forums, and I will be keeping an adventure log of our sessions here.
  • I'm looking to take this campaign for the long haul.  While it's possible that players may come and go, I'd like to keep the campaign going, so the best possible candidates for players are of the same mind.

If that all sounds interesting to you, create an Obsidian Portal account, mail me using Obsidian Portal mail (ScottRPer) and let me know a few things about you.  What role(s) you're interested in, your RPG experience, what you like about the idea of Leverage International, and what game night would work for you.  We'll chat a little back and forth and if things look like they're a good fit, I'll invite you to the campaign.

Chat with you soon!

Joining the Campaign

Leverage International ScottRPer